Наши партнёры: ООО "Экстрим Мана"

т. 296-05-15

Отдых в родном регионе, красоты которого не уступают лучшим мировым курортам — что может быть лучше! Всего 30 минут поездки из Красноярска — и Вы уже наслаждаетесь тишиной и покоем на нашей базе отдыха. Фантастическая красота природы, радушный прием и разнообразие развлечений - настоящий вкус жизни после городской суеты!


Without which it is impossible to imagine Siberian outdoors rest ? Of course, without the  steam bath. How not to swim in the snow or in the river after the sauna? This and many more pleasures, any city saune cannot offer.

Here, on the Krasnoyarsk camp "Mana", you will find a real Russian sauna with wood, built of round logs aspen. Make just a few hours - and the burden of the problems will disappear with your shoulders! We have provided everything for your comfort - our room would be the best place where you can forget about everything and completely unwind in the circle of family and friends.

We offer:

  • room "Suite" for 4 people with a lounge in oriental style;
  • room "Standard" for 6 people;
  • restroom with air conditioning.

And more:

  • birch and oak brooms;
  • sheets;
  • slippers;
  • Siberian tea.

Clean river and dazzling snow - for free!