You wish to have a rest with big company? For you - 2 and 3-storey well-planned  cottages.Everything that is necessary for comfort and rest: fireplace and heating, hot and cold water, shower booth, satellite TV.


For family rest - cozy block houses. You are able to allow the family to enjoy fresh air and silence alone with the nature, without refusing  yourself in perfect convenience.


Comfortable hotel 

Comfortable hotel with author's design on 15 double rooms. Classic single and double hotel rooms are decorated in various color stylistics. There are all necessary elements of comfort which will be appriciated not only by loving couples, but also big company of friends. 


The interior  of the  princely country estate  surprisingly is well combined with delights of a modern civilization: huge plasma screens, jacuzzi and sauna.

Furniture of handwork is made from a tree, and each element of a decor is exclusive creation.

In the courtyard of the house the arbor of the royal sizes with a special brazier on which it is possible to prepare even a boar settles down.