Наши партнёры: ООО "Экстрим Мана"

т. 296-05-15

Отдых в родном регионе, красоты которого не уступают лучшим мировым курортам — что может быть лучше! Всего 30 минут поездки из Красноярска — и Вы уже наслаждаетесь тишиной и покоем на нашей базе отдыха. Фантастическая красота природы, радушный прием и разнообразие развлечений - настоящий вкус жизни после городской суеты!

Recreation base Mana

It is time to have a rest in Russian style!

On the base Mana you will be met by friendy administrators. Squirrels and cones. Russian bath, wooden cottages and cozy izbas. Cheerful entertainments and games. And of course, surprising beauty the nature – rocky coast, gentle whisper of a current, a pinery... – and all this at once behind a threshold of your lodge!

The recreation center  Mana is located in 30 km from Krasnoyarsk, near Ust-Mana's settlement, among the pine wood, on the bank of the picturesque river of Mana.

The summer is considered traditional time of outdoor recreation. But the recreation facility of Mana suggests you to risk and go to the Siberian wood which is held down by ice, snow and silence which will make your rest similar to immersion in the New Year's fairy tale. Perhaps, walking on the river bank of Mana to you Twelve months from russian fairy tale will meet!

In the territory of base the capacious cafe where you will be able to forget about the conflicts is located and to have a rest in a peace situation. Our   restourant  

is ready to hold any celebrations from picnics to banquets: birthdays, weddings, corporate holidays. 

In Russia they told – "A broom in a banja is the chief!"

What Siberian doesn't like to take a steam bath in a russian sauna? Authentical bath on firewood 

for true siberians! To services of guests – the Russian bath from an aspen, a sweating room, beer, diving during snow and hot Siberian tea in a cozy recreation room. The relax and the drive founded on contrast feelings of cold and heat will comfort nervous system, will increase mood, will give to cheerfulness, will load with energy and will leave unforgettable impressions!

For the people preferring active recreation there are entertainments for any season. In the summer you can hire mountain bicycles, ATVs, elekromobil,   the sports playground, a shooting gallery, a paintball are offered. Here it is possible to arrange  primordially Russian team building! Nobody will be left indifferent by bathing and solar bathtubs on the bank of Mana.

In the winter ski routes, skating and, of course, on snowmobiles .

are organized. A special attraction – driving from a hill in the best Russian traditions – when you, the employee of the solid company or the director or … yes is unimportant here who you are: you just fly, holding a bun at a huge speed, the person powdered with snow, and you cry at the top of the voice … from delight and pleasure, as in the childhood! And all negative emotions remained … below there, and you having risen upward and dragging a bun, feel emaciated, but happy and eager to live!

Fantastic interiors of the estate "Adria" and picturesque landscapes in the territory of Recreation center of Mana give a fine opportunity of the organization and holding exclusive photoshoots: weddings, family and children's portraits.

In the territory of base there is a secured parking.

Total of places: in the winter – 90, in the summer - 132.