Наши партнёры: ООО "Экстрим Мана"

т. 296-05-15

Отдых в родном регионе, красоты которого не уступают лучшим мировым курортам — что может быть лучше! Всего 30 минут поездки из Красноярска — и Вы уже наслаждаетесь тишиной и покоем на нашей базе отдыха. Фантастическая красота природы, радушный прием и разнообразие развлечений - настоящий вкус жизни после городской суеты!


The best rest is a comfortable rest! And comfortable rest is impossible without tasty food!

The small restaurant "Hmel" offers you a wide choice of the most various dishes of home cuisine. We invite you to try cold and hot dishes at our cozy small restaurant. We will pleasantly surprise you with the prices: so, the average check in "Hop" constitutes 450 rubles, and the cost of a breakfast varies from 100 to 170 rubles.

You can choose accomodation with brekfast or without. And if you don't want to break the privacy, the food will be delivered to you directly in number! It is enough to make a call and to choose dishes from the offered menu.

But if you, on the contrary, came on recreation facility to have fun the big company, the small restaurant "Hmel" is ready to hold any celebrations: from picnics prior to banquets.

In our cafe: European cuisine. Individual design. Office parties. Celebrations. Weddings. There is a tent for actions in the fresh air.