Наши партнёры: ООО "Экстрим Мана"

т. 296-05-15

Отдых в родном регионе, красоты которого не уступают лучшим мировым курортам — что может быть лучше! Всего 30 минут поездки из Красноярска — и Вы уже наслаждаетесь тишиной и покоем на нашей базе отдыха. Фантастическая красота природы, радушный прием и разнообразие развлечений - настоящий вкус жизни после городской суеты!


You need the hotel near Krasnoyarsk with all conveniences located in the environmentally friendly place? Welcome to Mansky Ples hotel which is in the territory of our recreation base, in half an hour of driving from Krasnoyarsk.

In country hotel "Mansky Ples" you feel all advantages of life outdoors without loss of city comfort. Conveniently equipped double rooms as if are created for unforgettable rest of loving couples, and all hotel will contain big friendly staffs.

Choose numbers, convenient for you, - with one double or with two single beds. In total in hotel of 14 double rooms of the class "standard", their author's design will impress you with effective color scale and the registration executed with love and care.

Conveniences: in each number a shower booth, always fresh towels, a bathroom, cold and hot water, \to TVs with the built-in DVD player, a teapot, the refrigerator.